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1880 - 1903


25th August, born the twelfth child to Jacob and Ida Stolz in Graz, Austria. His father was a conductor and music teacher, and his mother also taught the piano.


State examination at the Vienna Conservatorium of Music. His teachers were Robert Fuchs and Engelbert Humperdinck.


Repetiteur at the city theatre in Graz, Austria.


Conductor at the same theatre.


Meeting with Johann Strauss in Vienna.


Chief conductor at the city theatre in Salzburg, Austria.


Composed the operetta "Schöne Lorchen".

Was engaged as conductor at the German theatre in Brünn, and later that year toured throughout Russia.

1904 - 1913

1904   First marriage to opera singer Grete Holm who later sang the famous chanson "Servus Du".
1905   Chief conductor at the famous "Theater an der Wien" in Vienna.  
1910   Premiere of his operetta "Das Glücksmädel" at the "Raimund theater" in Vienna.
1913 His first music score for the film "Der Millionenonkel".

1914 - 1918

1915   Musical play "Die Varietediva".  
1916   Premiere of the operetta "Der Favorit" at the comic opera in Berlin. "You are the Emperor of my heart", "The Woods of Vienna are calling", and "Springtime in Vienna" were composed that year.

1919 - 1928


"Salome" (Fox trot) and "Hello my fairy girl" (One step) became fashionable and were sung and danced to at the famous "Casino de Paris". Became foundation member of the publishing company "Wiener Boheme".


Composed his one and only opera "Die Rosen der Madonna".


Premiere of his operetta "Der Tanz ins Glück". It became his first international success. In the U.S.A. it was "Sky High", in England it was known as "Whirled into Happiness", in Italy it was "Dance la Fortuna" and in France "Danse vers le bonheur".


Premiere of his operetta "Mädi" at the theatre in Berlin, Germany.


The "Robert Stolz Theater" opened in Vienna. It went bankrupt some months later and closed.


Premiere of his operetta "Märchen im Schnee".

1929 - 1938


His greatest film success "Two Hearts in Three Quarter Time" which included the title melody and "You too!". It was also the year his well known songs from other operettas, "Good Bye", My Song of Love", and "Your Eyes", were included in the operetta "The White Horse inn” .


His film-operetta "Liebeskommando" included the hit tune "In the Night" sang by the world famous singer Richard Tauber.


Premiere of his musical "Wild Violets" at the De Haag in Holland.

Premiere of his operetta "Venus in Silk" in Zurich, Switzerland.


Jan Kiepura sang the hit tune of the day "My Heart is calling you".

Won the gold medal for his score in the film "Spring Parade" at the Biennale in Venice, Italy.

Premiere of his operetta «'Gruezi" at the City Theatre in Zurich.


Composed the operetta "Himmelblaue Träume" which prerniered at the Folk Theatre in Berlin.

Composed the music for the films "Der Himmel auf Erden", from which Jan Kiepura sang the tune "I love all Women"', and "Herbstmanöver" in which Leo Slezak sang the famous German folk song "Auf der Heide blüh'n die letzten Rosen".


London saw the opening of his musical "Rise and Shine" starring none other than Fred Astaire.


Composed the operetta "Zauber der Boheme" starring Martha Eggerth and Jan Kiepura.


Fled Austria via Switzerland to Paris to escape the Nazi regime.

Robert STOLZ en 1923

Robert STOLZ en 1930

Robert STOLZ Années 40

1939 - 1945


Met Yvonne Louis Ulrich (Einzi). Interned in Paris and nearly died from double pneurnonia.


Migrated to the United States.


Received an "Oscar"' nomination for the music in the film "Spring Parade" with Deanna Durbin.

Toured America conducting many orchestras with a program "A Night in Vienna".


Second "Oscar" nomination for his music in the film "It Happened Tomorrow. Premiere on Broadway of his musical "Mister Strauss goes to Boston".

1946 - 1975


His marriage to Einzi, and return to Vienna. Premiere of the operetta "Schicksal mit Musik".


Received the title of Professor, and made a honorary citizen of the City of Vienna. Prerniere of the operetta "Drei von der Donau" at the City Theatre in Vienna.

Wrote the music for the film "Rendez-vous im Salzkammergut".


His operetta "Der Tanz ins Glück" was made into a successful film. Once again London premiered his new musical "Rainbow Square".


Became chief composer for the world famous "Vienna Ice Revue".


Premiere of the film "Die Deutschmeister" with Romy Schneider.


Premiere of his musical comedy play "Der kleine Schwindel in Paris".


The world famous fox trot "Salome" now with English lyrics appeared on the British Hit Parade as "Romeo", sung by Petula Clark.


Premiere of his operetta "Trauminsel" at the Lake Theatre in Bregenz, Austria, during the annual festival.


Premiere of the musical comedy film "Ein schöner Herbst", with well known film star Senta Berger. Received the golden cross of Honor from the German Republic. Received the Bruckner Ring from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.


Made first honorary member of the Folk Opera in Vienna. His operetta "Frühjahrsparade" was played non-stop over a period of eleven years at the Folk Opera House.


Conductor at the New Year Eve performance of the world famous Strauss operetta "Die "Fledermaus" at the State Opera house in Vienna.

Received the ring of Honor from his City of birth, Graz, Austria.


Received the "Grand Gala du Disque Populaire" in Amsterdam, Holland. Robert was the first composer and conductor to receive this high honor.


Conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at a gala performance for the oentenary celebration of the world's greatest waltz "The Blue Danube".

Received the Order of the Jugoslave "Golden Flag" from President Tito.  

1968   Received the Ring of Honor from the Austrian State of Styria.

Queen Juliana of the Netherland makes Robert Stolz a Commander of the Order von Oranje-Nassau.

King Baudouin of Belgium, bestowed the Crown Order of Belgium on Robert Stolz.

Received the "Gold Record Award" for more than two million records sold. Received the "Golden Prize" for service to the German film industry.


Received the Ring of Honor from the German Performing Rights Assc. 

Made honorary citizen of the City of Graz, Austria.  

The establishment of the international "Robert Stolz Foundation".

The Austrian Postal Authorities issue a Robert Stolz Stamp.  

Received the "Gold Medal" from the City of Rotterdam, Holland.

Received the "Honorary Medal" from the City of Jerusaleum, Israel.

Was made honorary member of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

1971 Made honorary citizen of the City of Montclair, U.S.A.

Unveiling ceremony of the "Robert Stolz Monument" in the City Park of Graz, Austria. Made an honorary member of the Bronx Philharmonic Society in the U.S.A.

Made an honorary citizen of the City of St. Wolfgang in Austria. (The farnous place from the "White Horse Inn".)


Received the "Grand Prix du Disque de l’Académie Charles Cros" in Paris for the production of his double album "Two Hearts in Waltz Time".

Naming of a Robert Stolz Street in Neustadt, Germany.

1974 Received the "Grand Prix du Disque de l'Academie" for a record collection of twenty LP's on the "Golden Era of Viennese Music". This award is regarded as the highest prize in the recording industry.  

27th of June, Robert Stolz died in Berlin. Was brought back to Vienna where he laid "In State" at the State Opera house. Was buried among the great composers of the World at the "Music Shrine" Vienna Central Cemetery.

Robert Stolz Monument erected at the "Raimund Theater" in Vienna.

A Robert Stolz Plaza and Monument in Lüneburg, Germany.

1976 - 1980


Erection of a Robert Stolz Monument and a Housing Estate in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.


The City of St. Wolfgang, Austria honored Robert Stolz with a Monument.

Robert Stolz Streets in Monheim and Darmstadt, Germany. 

Premiere of the multi-media musical "Robert Stolz and his centenary" at the Opera house in Graz.  


The planting of a Robert Stolz forest in Israel.

Robert Stolz Monuments are erected in the Cities of Baden‑Baden and Berlin, Germany.

Opening of a Robert Stolz Plaza in the central district of Vienna, and the establishment of a Robert Stolz Museum in the City of Graz.


Robert Stolz commemorative stamps issued by the Governments of Austria, Germany, St. Marino, Malta, North Korea and Paraguay.

Unveiling ceremony of a Robert Stolz Monument at the City Park in Vienna. (opposite the Johann Strauss Monument).

Robert Stolz Streets in Miami, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Wiesbaden, Saarbrücken, Linz, Klagenfurt, Lippstadt and Dortmund.

"Robert Stolz Train" between Vienna and Graz.

Robert Stolz international Stamp Trophy awarded annually in London for the best design of a stamp with a musical theme.

The Robert Stolz international Music Scholarship, founded by the Apex Clubs of Australia, and regarded as one of the most valuable scholarships in the World.

Robert Stolz Park in Berlin.

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Robert Stolz - Années 60

Einzi et Robert Stolz à Grinzing début années 70

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